Challenge Success Stories

Look great it 8. That was Gunnar's promise back in May 2012 when thousands of Americans switched on to the very first Gunnar Challenge. Here, just some of our successful Challengers share what they have achieved in 8 short weeks. 

"For once in my life, I love me" 

Jessica Cable before and after image

Jessica Cable: “My whole life has been plagued with no self-esteem, horrible body issues and an obsession with food. Family functions revolved around food. Who am I kidding, everything revolved around food! After having four beautiful children, I knew I had to make a change or else they would grow up the same way I had. I tell them all the time that they may not be able to change the world but they can change themselves and their world will be better for it.

“My Gunnar journey started after we took our kids to Disney[land]. I felt sluggish, moody, jiggly and my face was always breaking out. I decided that this was either go big or go home time! Time to pull up my big girl panties and give it everything I had. I started weighing in at 150 pounds and now I'm thrilled to say that I'm 124 (and counting)! I've gained so much strength and I've never felt better. No more caffeine or "fat" clothes! My face hardly ever breaks out and for once in my life, I love me!!

“I know I did the hard work but I cannot thank The Gunnar Challenge enough! You guys gave me the push I needed and because of that, my world has changed for the best!!”

Jessica was #1 on The Gunnar Challenge leaderboard

"The program was easy to follow"

Jess Williams before and after image

Jess Williams: “The program has been pretty easy to follow. Whenever I do something new I like to follow it as closely as possible so I can get the intended results. It looks like it’s working! I have lost 40lb so far, and I was even traveling for a week. I have had lots of friends and family see my progress and they are excited to join the next Challenge.”

Jess was #2 on The Gunnar Challenge leaderboard

"Words can't describe the changes!"

Dawn Doorley before and after image

Dawn Doorley: "I am a stay at home mom of two boys and over the years my weight has been creeping up and up. I am not into dieting and exercising so I kept putting it off saying I will lose the weight in the the summer...only to end up gaining more. I heard about The Gunnar Challenge and thought this is it, I am going to give it my all and see what happens. Words can't even describe what has happened. I have lost weight and more inches than I could have even imagined!!

"More importantly I look forward to the exercise plans...which is a total change for me...I actually enjoy the exercises! Gunnar's verbal vitamins are funny and's nice to get a pep talk every morning! The staff responds to emails quickly and they are quick to respond to Facebook and Twitter posts. I cannot say enough positive things about The Gunnar Challenge...I cannot wait to join the next Challenge! Thank you thank you thank you!!! So go...get it done and join The won't be sorry!!"

Dawn was #23 on The Gunnar Challenge leaderboard

Note: Individual weight loss results may vary.