Challenge Survival Tips

How to get the most out of The Gunnar Challenge

The Gunnar Challenge is designed to get you looking great in 8 – whether that means losing 10lb, improving your fitness or just looking hot at the beach this summer. 

In 8 weeks, you’re going to do more than reshape your body; you’re going to refocus your mind and change how you think, act and move

Achieving real and permanent lifestyle change takes work. So here are a few tips to help you conquer The Challenge and gain a new confidence that can transform the rest of your life.

Gunnar Orange Survival Tips

"If you put in the work, I promise you're going to get results."  Gunnar 


Join with a friend

Invite your friends to do The Challenge with you – they'll make it more fun and can also keep you in the game when you feel like straying. Even Gunnar works out with his buddies – every day in fact.

Get set for success

Get a jump start on The Challenge by cleaning out your pantry and refrigerator. Trash any tempting high-calorie foods which make it hard for you to stay in control. Out of sight, out of mind.

Check your diary

Is now the best time in your life to be doing The Challenge? There never will be a perfect time, so start to organize your diary now. Expect the first couple of weeks to be a little more intense while you get the hang of Gunnar’s workouts and meal plans. 

Be committed

How bad do you want this? Really bad? Your commitment will be critical to your success, but if you’re not ready to give it your all just yet, that’s OK. Gunnar’s here and ready whenever you are.

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