Just Who Is Gunnar Peterson?

He's the man behind the hottest bodies in Hollywood

Gunnar is one of America’s most sought-after personal trainers. With more than 25 years of unparalleled experience in the fitness game, professional athletes and celebrities alike turn to him when they can’t leave their performance to chance. Gunnar is also an accomplished author, speaker and fitness equipment developer.


Gunnar's not like any other trainer

Gunnar grew up an overweight kid and teenager. He knows what it's like to be uncomfortable with how you look. Just like anyone who’s struggled with their weight, he’s still body conscious. Since conquering his own food and fitness demons more than 25 years ago, Gunnar’s helped everyone from actors to soccer moms to the world’s top athletes stay at the top of their game. And now – he’s here to help you. The bottom line: Gunnar knows how to keep you motivated. And that translates to great results.

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