General Program Questions

  • What is The Gunnar Challenge? Close

    The Gunnar Challenge is an online program designed to help you meet your fitness and nutrition goals. You can find out more about the program here. 

    If you have any questions about The Gunnar Challenge that you can't find the answer to on this website, please don't hesitate to contact Customer Service.

  • What types of meal plans are available? Close

    The Gunnar Challenge meal plans were created by Registered Dietitians and nutritionists (not Gunnar, he claims he can't even make toast). These meal plans are designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

    The Gunnar Challenge includes a basic 1200-calorie menu plan. There is also a vegetarian plan and hunger buster options for members who have higher calorie needs.

    For more information on our meals plan, please check the About The Gunnar Challenge page.

Nutrition & Diet Questions

  • What is my calorie target based on? Close

    For this Challenge, we’ve designed a 1200-calorie meal plan. If your goal is weight-loss, you should stick to the meal plan as closely as possible to maximize your results. By sticking to the meal plan for this Challenge, we’re dropping your calorie target as low as it can go to give you the biggest energy deficit and get you into shape – fast.

  • Can I still drink alcohol? Close

    That depends! Alcohol dilutes your willpower and is likely to increase the chance of overeating. It is also high in calories but low in nutrients. If you drink alcohol, you need to increase your exercise to burn off the extra calories. Look up your favorite drinks in food search and see how much exercise you need to do to burn them off. 

Accounts questions

Technical questions

  • I can't log in Close

    Keep in mind that you won't be able to log in until a week prior to The Gunnar Challenge.

    The first thing to do is confirm that you’re a member of The Gunnar Challenge. Only members who have registered through this site and paid the appropriate membership fees will be able to log in.

    Once you’ve confirmed that you’re a member of The Gunnar Challenge, please check that you’re logging in using your email address and password.

    If you’ve forgotten your password, please click here for a reminder.

    If the problem persists, please email us to report the issue. Try to give as much detail as possible to help us troubleshoot.